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New York, NY

Want to make a difference in today’s world? Not entirely sure how to go about doing that?
The Institute for Compassionate Leadership takes leaders like you on a journey where you discover your purpose for creating meaningful change in today’s world. Based primarily online, our part-time program allows you to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside your full-time job and/or busy school schedule. Through working with executive coaches, being matched with mentors, and our six-month training program we offer you the tools you need to become a compassionate, self-aware leader. Then we network like heck to get you meaningful work in the social change field you desire. Click on our video below for more information or visit WHAT WE DO.

Main Track

“Just as Albert Einstein said ‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them,’ the times we live in are calling out for new ways of thinking ; creative, compassionate, brave and insightful. The Institute for Compassionate Leadership is playing a notable role in fostering new ways of thinking in young leaders. Its work is making a difference.”

                                    -  Sharon Salzberg, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Insight Meditation Society



Have you ever wanted to help the world? Do you worry about finding work that's meaningful?

Weekend retreats are in New York City and consist of a Friday night talk at 7 pm and run Saturday 10 am-5 pm, Sunday 10 am - 2 pm


The evening classes are live and online on Thursdays 8-10 pm EST 

Daylong workshops are offered in New York City as well as online and run 10 am - 5 pm EST

We're here for you. We do 4 things:

We solve the Millenial employment issue by getting leaders focused on what they want to do early in their career and finding them that meaningful work. The sooner they figure out how they want to help the world, the earlier we can put them to work doing just that.

1) Our Program

Based in New York City and online, our part-time program allows participants to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside a full-time job and/or busy school schedule. The core of what we do is train people to be authentic in their own leadership style and compassionate to others. Our participants graduate with both soft and hard skills that they have learned through experiential education. Over the six months with the institute participants focus on three main things:

Self-awareness Training – mindfulness meditation and communication techniques to make our participants more self-aware

Community Organizing Training – successful forms of organizing that can be applied to working with diverse communities so participants can effectively create change in the world

21st Leadership Skills – skills that are not taught at university, including fund-raising, negotiation, how to run a meeting, and how to work with uncertainty


You can think of the six months with the institute as three two-month sections:

Section 1: Becoming an Authentic Leader – The first two months of the program we focus on working on self. This time includes leading based on personal intention and learning real world skills that will be useful to any position participants might embark upon. For example, students learn the five tools every authentic leader needs: self-awareness, discernment, deep listening, empathy, and confidence.

Section 2: Offering Fully to Others – Having started with self, our leaders move on to working with others. Students learn skills around cultivating genuine relationships based on community organizing models, bridging differences as part of developing strong coalitions, how to make decisions with others in mind, and begin to volunteer in their communities.

Section 3: Creating a Compassionate Society – The final section of the training focuses on how to have an impact in the world, changing it for the better. This is where personal transformation manifests as societal transformation as the students learn more about leadership empowerment and the Six Ways of Compassionate Leadership.

2) Executive Coaching

Through working with executive coaches, our participants get the one-on-one attention they need to get focused both on who they want to be as well as what they want to do. 

Every participant in the institute is matched with an executive coach at the beginning of the six-month training program. These coaches meet with the leader throughout their time at the institute and are tasked with helping the participant identify their passion, as well as the qualities they want to cultivate throughout their career path. They focus on the question of “who do you want to be” as opposed to “what do you want to do” when you grow up. At the same time, they help the participant identify their particular venue for creating long-term societal change, be it education reform, gun control, or whatever issue you are most passionate about.

Combining traditional coaching with meditation and compassion practices, our team is unique and devoted to meeting each participant where they are and guiding them through this transformational program. You may meet with your coach in-person in your city of residence (our coaches are all over) or via our distance learning platform.

Click here for coach and mentor FAQs. 


3) Mentorship

The value of having a mentor in any field cannot be overstated. When participants have an idea of what they want to pursue, be it poverty reduction, education reform, or a myriad of other options, we match them with someone in our extensive mentor network who is already in that field and can be a guide for them for years to come. As part of our program we offer a large network of mentors who are committed to guiding students and supporting them in their path. Ranging from experienced entrepreneurs to leaders in government to executives in large corporations we host regular events to match participants with a pioneer in the industry of their choice. Our mentors are selected because they have become the change they want to see in the world; they are doing the work that our future change makers likely will want to continue to do.  

Click here for coach and mentor FAQs.

Become a mentor for the institute. 


4) Networking

Once a leader has met extensively with their coach, engaged a mentor, and nears the end of our six-month curriculum, we do something very important: we develop resources for you to do that social change work. You join our alumni network and are in continuous touch for years to come as we work together to develop that meaningful work.

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