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Executive Director: Lodro Rinzler


Marketing and Operations: Sarah Gokhale


New York, NY

Want to make a difference in today’s world? Not entirely sure how to go about doing that?
The Institute for Compassionate Leadership takes leaders like you on a journey where you discover your purpose for creating meaningful change in today’s world. Based primarily online, our part-time program allows you to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside your full-time job and/or busy school schedule. Through working with executive coaches, being matched with mentors, and our six-month training program we offer you the tools you need to become a compassionate, self-aware leader. Then we network like heck to get you meaningful work in the social change field you desire. Click on our video below for more information or visit WHAT WE DO.

Internship Opportunity


Intern Job Description

The Intern will directly report to and assist the Executive Director, Lodro Rinzler (lodrorinzler.com), and the Operations Manager with the Institute’s ongoing operations. These include: event planning, acting as a liaison with students and alumni of the program, managing crowdfunding platforms, maintaining our website, recruiting, and engaging in informal informational interviews with prospective students.

Knowledge & Skills

The chosen candidate will be professional, thoughtful, and authentic. She should be capable of initiating and maintaining strong personal relationships. She should possess self-initiative; basic instructions, deadlines, and goals will be set, but it will be up to the Operations Intern to figure out how to complete assigned tasks.

While there is no financial compensation for this position, the internship includes a higher level of autonomy and learning than larger corporations. The chosen candidate will be an active part of the ICL team and be able to attend all institute daylong workshops, online classes, and weekend retreats for free and study with our incredible faculty.

The internship will take approximately 10 hours a week. Must be located in New York City or surrounding area.

Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to Institutecompassion@gmail.com