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Executive Director: Lodro Rinzler


Marketing and Operations: Sarah Gokhale


New York, NY

Want to make a difference in today’s world? Not entirely sure how to go about doing that?
The Institute for Compassionate Leadership takes leaders like you on a journey where you discover your purpose for creating meaningful change in today’s world. Based primarily online, our part-time program allows you to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside your full-time job and/or busy school schedule. Through working with executive coaches, being matched with mentors, and our six-month training program we offer you the tools you need to become a compassionate, self-aware leader. Then we network like heck to get you meaningful work in the social change field you desire. Click on our video below for more information or visit WHAT WE DO.


Do something awesome with your life.


The Institute for Compassionate Leadership serves to empower the next generation of socially conscious, self-aware and compassionate leaders by educating aspiring change-makers in meditation, community organizing, and 21st century leadership skills built for today's workplace environment, ultimately helping participants find meaningful employment upon program completion. In the six months the participants receive:

  • Executive coaching
  • Mentorship from experienced change-makers
  • Our in-depth authenticity training program
  • Support in finding meaningful social change work

The Institute for Compassionate Leadership training fully equips tomorrow’s leaders as they meet worldwide challenges and strive to shape a better and brighter future for our planet.


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“As long as all of you understand the immense and incredible power that you possess when you work together, when you join voices, when you extend yourselves not just on behalf of your own ambitions but on behalf of a larger cause, you cannot be stopped…And Alex was one of you — this incredibly thoughtful, talented, compassionate, caring young person who decided to get involved because he thought he could make a difference.  And tragically, he ended up leaving us while working in the campaign...
“We don’t have a lot of time.  I know when you’re young it seems like it goes on forever.  It turns out things are fragile. And yet, the thing that outlives each of us is what we do for somebody else, what difference did we make. And we know Alex made a difference. But in the same way that Alex left this indelible mark on my life and Michelle’s life, and many of your lives, you will leave an indelible mark as well, as long as you decide that you’re going to spend your life giving something back.”

President Barack Obama, January 23, 2013


The Institute for Compassionate Leadership was founded after the passing of Alex S. Okrent, a pioneer in creating social change through his ability to love and be compassionate. As Mark Leibovich wrote in his heart-felt New York Times article,

“Alex signed on early to the Obama cause, taking a semester off from Wesleyan University to work on Obama’s Senate run in 2004. He was among the first to join Obama’s presidential campaign in its barest days in 2007 and also threw himself into the re-election effort in 2012. He worked various jobs, bounced from state to state and offered a convivial presence that bridged the cliques that form inevitably in campaigns…He was demanding, fun and irreverent. And he was never shy about telling people that he loved them.”

The Institute of Compassionate Leadership is born out of the idea that the world needs more leaders like Alex. The institute is founded by one of Alex’s best friends from college, Lodro Rinzler, who upon Alex’s passing dropped everything to carry on his friend’s work on the campaign trail in 2012.

After returning from his campaign work in the state of Ohio, Lodro met with a wide variety of compassionate leaders. A dialogue began about how to support young people in getting inspired not just by the next political candidate but focused on an issue they care about for the rest of their lives. Minutes after the January 13th speech by President Obama quoted above, the idea for this institute arose in Lodro’s mind and he set to work making it a reality.