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Executive Director: Lodro Rinzler


Marketing and Operations: Sarah Gokhale


New York, NY

Want to make a difference in today’s world? Not entirely sure how to go about doing that?
The Institute for Compassionate Leadership takes leaders like you on a journey where you discover your purpose for creating meaningful change in today’s world. Based primarily online, our part-time program allows you to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside your full-time job and/or busy school schedule. Through working with executive coaches, being matched with mentors, and our six-month training program we offer you the tools you need to become a compassionate, self-aware leader. Then we network like heck to get you meaningful work in the social change field you desire. Click on our video below for more information or visit WHAT WE DO.

How to Help


There is a saying in the Buddhist tradition: “Generosity is the virtue that produces peace.” There are many ways to produce peace through generosity to the institute. You can offer your time as a mentor or coach, you can volunteer to staff some of our events, or you can make a financial offering to our organization or in support of a specific student.

We all want to see more compassionate leaders. This is your chance to support a new generation of empathetic, self-aware individuals who will go on to do amazing things. Please make an offering today.

The Institute for Compassionate Leadership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and exists due to the generosity of donations from people like you. We deeply appreciate your support.

There are three main ways to contribute:

Give a donation to the organization

We deeply value the contributions of donors and are able to do a lot with very little. Your donation to the organization goes toward our small but hard-working staff, website development, and our event space.


Give a donation to sponsor a student

Many of our students are unable to pay the full tuition for our training program. As a result we seek assistance from sponsors like you. Your donation toward sponsoring a student goes toward paying for that student’s coach and toward the salary for our devoted faculty.


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Interested in investing in the compassionate leaders of tomorrow? Become a Corporate Sponsor and form an invaluable partnership with the institute, where you get exclusive access to our student body upon their graduation as well as representation at institute events, all while supporting a growing movement of emerging leaders. The institute's sponsorship year runs from January 1 through December 31, with levels ranging from $5,000 to $100,000. To learn more about becoming a Corporate Sponsor fill out the form below:


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