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Executive Director: Lodro Rinzler


Marketing and Operations: Sarah Gokhale


New York, NY

Want to make a difference in today’s world? Not entirely sure how to go about doing that?
The Institute for Compassionate Leadership takes leaders like you on a journey where you discover your purpose for creating meaningful change in today’s world. Based primarily online, our part-time program allows you to cultivate the skills of compassionate leadership alongside your full-time job and/or busy school schedule. Through working with executive coaches, being matched with mentors, and our six-month training program we offer you the tools you need to become a compassionate, self-aware leader. Then we network like heck to get you meaningful work in the social change field you desire. Click on our video below for more information or visit WHAT WE DO.



Having started with self our leaders move on to working with others. Students learn skills around cultivating authentic relationships, bridging differences as part of developing strong coalitions, how to make decisions with others in mind, delegation skills, and empathy meditation techniques. It is also in this section that peer-coaching begins, as facilitated by instructors.

Day-Long Workshop: How To Combat Conflict

So much of the conflict we find ourselves in is a direct result of two or more people not communicating in an effective manner. This public program highlights how we can change the environment we live and work in through learning certain communication skills. The day includes a keynote from a well-known leader, exercises on communicating from the heart, an introduction to the New Organizing Institute notion of authentic relationship building, panel discussions, break out groups, contemplative exercises, and a final proclamation by each participant stating how they intend to handle conflict going forward.

Six-week Class: The Most Effective Way to Help Others

Over the period of six weeks the students go further with the concept of authentic leadership by exploring the truth of interdependence. We are constantly affecting others, positively or negatively so the most effective way to help is to practice empathy and meet people where they are. We introduce authentic relationship building, relationship management, and discussion on privilege and power through exercises aimed at developing empathy as opposed to sympathy. Based in an understanding on offering gentleness to oneself we explore how we can offer compassion to everyone we encounter; including those we find hold opposing views. To overcome obstacles we discuss common Board/team dynamics; teach negotiation tactics, and the importance of task delegation. Compassion practices are introduced to the meditation techniques the students are already engaged in.

Weekend Intensive: Creating Lasting Change

This weekend intensive allows students to gather together for in-depth training and conversation on taking the step from working with self to working with others and, now, working with complex systems that can affect society as a whole. At this point in their meetings with their executive coaches they will have deeply engaged with a community of their choosing and tested their intuitive notion that they wanted to work in that specific field. This is a moment to step back and see if they are ready to commit to that area of social change by going deep with meditation and compassion practices, hearing talks, meeting one-on-one with their executive coaches, in small discussion groups, and reporting on what qualities they feel they have cultivated in themselves to date/what qualities they want to cultivate moving forward.